Welcome to A Peace of Our Life.  

A Peace of Our Life, because Jesus is our peace, and He is the one putting together the pieces of our lives to make a beautiful picture.  He is the masterful artist and thoughtful storyteller.  He is the One articulating the many facets of our lives and putting them together to shine brightly for Him.

In August of 2017 our family embarked on a journey to commit our time, our hearts, and Brian’s skill as an orthopedic surgeon to the people of Soddo, Ethiopia.  As part of the Samaritan's Purse World Medical Mission Post-Residency Program, Brian has been working with Dr. Duane Anderson, who has been his mentor missionary physician for the past year and a half. Autumn has continued to homeschool and care for Elisabeth, Abigail, John, and Alexandria on a daily basis, and together have loved serving at Soddo Christian Hospital and in the community of Soddo as the Lord has led.  

It has been our greatest privilege to be in Ethiopia, but just recently we received news that we must return stateside so that Brian can complete his board certification. We prepared for him to be able to complete it from Soddo, but when the time came he was told that it could not be done here after all. He is only board eligible for three more years and this last round of boards will take him over a year to complete. He must be board certified whether he trains residents in Soddo or he practices in the US, so this is a necessary move. As it became clear that God was changing the direction of our path here, He opened the door for Brian to be able to do an orthopedic trauma fellowship at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque. We will be leaving Ethiopia at the end of April so that we might have time to travel to visit friends, family, and supporters, do some debrief counseling individually and as a family, and find a new home and settle into Albuquerque before Brian’s fellowship begins in August of 2019. We are so grateful that the Lord continues to order our steps! This fellowship will allow Brian to be better trained for and practice the type of orthopedics that he loves whether stateside or if we return to the mission field. At this point all we know is that we will be in the US for the next three to four years so that Brian can complete his board certification after he completes his fellowship. This fellowship is always something Brian has wanted to do, so we praise God for this opportunity!

Ethiopia has been our greatest joy and our greatest sanctification. There have been so many things we have learned here that we never would have learned back home. We pray that it has made us more like Christ and that we will continue to shine His light wherever we go. Ethiopia will always have a special place in all of our hearts.

Thank you for being part of our journey, one of the beautiful pieces of our story in Ethiopia.

Brian and Autumn Hodges

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